I offer workshops/coachings to the following subjects

Resulting from the globalization intercultural skills are an absolute must for executives, employees and teams in an international business environment. Intercultural competences represent an important aspect concerning successful communication, job processing or project implementation between various cultures. 

My trainings and coachings are distinguished by not only sensitizing participants or coachees with theoretical input. Based on practical examples and interaction exercises employees will receive orientation and security for a respectful and trustworthy exchange with different cultures. 

The trainings take place in small groups of max. 10-15 participants. Coachings normally proceed in individual conversations or small groups of max. 2-3 coachees. I also carry out the trainings and coachings in English for my customers. 

With the signing of the „Diversity Charter“ in Spring 2017 a further milestone towards a joined living diversity with other companies, organizations and institutes has been set.