My Profil

My customers include employees as well as executive board members, who come from several continents to Germany or who go to foreign countries. It is essential to have a certain sensitivity, empathy and to see things from the customer’s perspective in this area. This requires my complete commitment. 

In my daily communication with organizations, companies, institutes and authorities I could repeatedly observe, that the understanding for foreign cultures is always a bit different. 

My experiences have shown me in which situations complications due to aspects like different points of view and perspectives, communication, language, special behavior, sense of time etc. are caused by intercultural misunderstandings.

Following more than 10 years of experience, in the relocation professional activity, my desire for sharing my intercultural skills and experiences with german and foreign executives has grown. My studies at the Higher Pedagogical Academy in Heidelberg as a certified intercultural trainer and consultant complete the best of my knowledge.